FEATURE: Animal Collective Interview with Aziz Ansari

Allright. Cage match. Your baby Benjamin Button vs. My baby Krishna.
Or maybe we could tag team against the Ultimate Warrior.
Let’s get the CGI department on this!
Gotta say, I’m curious what you think of Hottdogs on VBS: http://www.vbs.tv/watch/hottdogs. Carl Bennett (dude with the big beard), who is one of the guys who acts and writes for that show, is a super old Baltimore bro.

I actually really like vacuuming and cleaning my house. It’s a good mind cleanser and a good way to work on music in my head. Are you filming that show in LA? I really like LA a lot and always think about moving there. We actually met you at the Sasquatch festival in Washington but we didn’t get to see you perform cause we left that night. Do you find
it weird or different at all performing at that kind of thing cause we usually find it pretty difficult?

Yeah we film in LA. I remember meeting you guys at Sasquatch. That festival was fun for me. I was bummed you guys had to perform in the day and couldn’t do the usual lighting stuff.
I think our chain is set to end today at midnight (EST). Hope you guys have enjoyed our chat, we should put the whole thing online if it’s all too long for the magazine. –Aziz

Another question… Who wins in a fight? Pizza Boli’s or sourdough crust with anise and fennel seed?
Definitely enjoyed the chat. One of the most enjoyable interviews ever actually. Thanks dude.
Take care,

I need to investigate that B-more pizza before I answer. Is either type of dough under the protection of Marlo Stanfield?

Well, I think Boli’s wins in the brawl. I mean… I grew up eating that stuff and my memories of eating 2/3rds of a 12″ pie in one sitting are nothing but joy. But you have to give points for making food with love.
Yeah, it was a sweet interview. Having not met you at Sasquatch, I hope to meet you another time.

Boli’s, no contest. Sorry, people who can actually cook. Thanks for talking to us Aziz and I hope you and yours are well.

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  1. Calum says:

    Best interview ever. Brian’s Ghostbusters story was amazing.

  2. Jeff says:

    This is so incredibly boring and completely self-indulgent. gross.

  3. WW says:

    jesus christ, I’m witcha Jeff…

  4. Kyle says:

    jesus christ, I’m witcha Calum…

  5. ian says:

    they also covered Polly ;)

  6. Chris says:

    I actually thought it was both the best interview ever AND boring/self indulgent/gross.

  7. Skerrit Bwoy says:

    aziz is the second best dancer i know. kaboom!!!

  8. jimmy blevins says:

    LOL at the comments on the Mo (Boxer’s Omen) YouTube!!!

  9. terry beach says:

    i’m getting tired of the cool dudes interviewing cool dudes gimmick. that wedding photo gives me the doosh chills. what a bunch of of art students.

  10. Teefus says:

    fuck a douche chill, this shit gave me douche-pox…

  11. WhatsGolden says:

    What a bunch of haters hear. If you didn’t like it, how come you were fanboy/hypocrite enough to read the damn thing, finish it and comment on it? Don’t hate on someone’s wedding like that, calling the man a douche because of the way he celebrated one of the best days in his life? You guys are lucky that this is anonymous.

    Long live Animal Collective and Aziz Ansari

    P.S. Most of you are just bitter scenesters I’m guessing. Getting tired of the “cool dudes interviewing cool dudes gimmick”, don’t read it. Looks like the ones in the interview aren’t the douchebags here.

  12. richard says:

    you guys should have used google wave !!!

  13. Stanshall says:

    Really enjoyed that. Questions could’ve been a little more pertinent, I suppose, but the format/laidback approach really loosened them up. Nice one.

  14. tony says:

    one of ac’s best interviews. you can tell they’re really more in their element here and as it’s really laid back. i love xavier renegade angel and tim and eric so i thought that was pretty cool, too. If you guys think they’re all douches then why the hell did you read the thing? Get a fuckin’ life people jesus

  15. Jim Jonze says:

    it’s called skimming…I fux w/ the fader all day (mostly for the hippity-hop) but sheehit, this measured about an 8.9 on the douchedar for sure…

  16. Hussdog says:

    What is the deal with many of these comments? I liked this format of interview, and you know, it’s not the job of Animal Collective to write killer interviews – they’re musicians. This was a fine effort.

  17. jensquared says:

    haters need to chill. it’s an interview…of course it’s going to be “self-indulgent.” as of fan of the interviewer/interviewees and early 90s hip hop, i especially enjoyed it. i love me some PM Dawn and Monie Love.

  18. iFidel says:

    Bolis>Anything. Seriously, I climax every time I eat it. THAT good. Best pizza in the DC/B-More Urrea.

  19. Stefanie says:

    Seriously one of the best interviews ever. Love the email format and youtube links. Duh, interviews are about the interviewee, if you don’t care about the band then don’t read the interview. I personally haven’t read a better interview with Animal Collective. Anyone who appreciates Bel Biv Devoe and PM Dawn rules.

  20. Myles says:

    Best interview ever. Anyone who wasn’t into this simply isn’t an Animal Collective fan. There are a million bands I dont like, but I dont go around reading their interviews and bitching in the comments. Its awesome to see how normal these guys are.

  21. nate says:

    well you know, i think it was just awesome.

  22. MJP says:

    i love reading hipster comments in blogs! awesome…

  23. Taylor Johnson says:

    this makes me love animal collective even more. Aziz is the fuckin man too, his new dvd looks awesome

  24. Axe Somebody says:

    The unknown, ubiquitous shaker sample referenced by Noah is “Ashley’s Roachclip” by the Soul Searchers, specifically at the 3:30 mark. It was used by PM Dawn, Eric B & Rakim, Run DMC, Geto Boys, LL Cool J, Easy-E, EMF (“Unbelievable”), among others. It was also featured on damn near every song by Milli Vanilli.

    Hard to find a better drum break…

    Here’s a link: http://sneakmove.com/e/champions/the_soul_searchers/ashleys_roachclip.mp3

  25. Tracy Willis says:

    Oh god…animal collective and aziz together is too many good things. Aziz’s new dvd is sooo funny!

  26. pookie says:

    snooozerama. Here’s a cool R n B video, Here’s a zany costume. I’m alt, but not too alt to watch project runway, because my “girlfriend likes it”


  27. charlie lutwidge says:

    so sweet hearing from josh. where is the little avey photo? best ac interview hands down.

  28. Prill Prill says:

    Aziz is that prill prill. Good stuff.

  29. YES. says:

    Great interview format. Incredibly engaging to read. Well done.