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Jason Nocito is Our Favorite Calendar Boy

Casting director Douglas Perrett of COACD fame, has put together a calendar of men to end all calendars (or malender if you prefer), and somehow managed to round up a bevy of hot photographers to pose for it. Best of all, Jason Nocito (straight shooter of FADER cover fame) has made the cover! Nocito has basically shot more FADER covers than any photographer in the history of this magazine, so it goes without saying that we'll be breaking out the bubbly on this one. Camerone Krone (September), you might think you look cute spread all over that leather but clearly our boy wins on the sofa shot hands down! Since shipping on these 12 pages of loveliness will take about five to seven days, we'll be nailing our United Bamboo 2010 calendar of awesome fancy cats to the wall in the meantime.

Jason Nocito is Our Favorite Calendar Boy