Kathleen Hanna Helps Make The Library Cool Again

KathleenHannaCan’t afford concerts these days? Well, have we got a recession special for you. Bikini Kill lead singer and noted feminist Kathleen Hanna has just made a sizable donation to the NYU library. The library is referring to the donation as The Kathleen Hanna Papers and will make them a part of their newly announced Riot Grrrrl Collection. The “papers” are believed to contain her many zines, much of her correspondences and plenty of material pertaining to her time in Bikini Kill, as well as various other writings. This is cool for a number of obvious reasons. Also, maybe now when we meet rocker chicks that are way out of our league, we can stop spending so much money on shows and art house films and just try our luck at the library. That won’t work either? Fuck. (Via: The Daily Swarm via The L Magazine)

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  1. Elena says:

    thats so awesome of her to do that! she was such an inspiration to me when i was younger. riot grrrl music and culture most definitely made me who i am today.

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  4. Hannah says:

    Kathleen Hanna & Johanna Fateman came on my show ZINECORE RADIO and talked all about this!

    check it out


  5. courtney says:

    this is a truly great and valuable addition to an archives collection.

    however, it’s sad that the last bit about picking up ladies was included in a post about an awesome feminist lady who has used her platform as a performer to speak out against petty sexism like this.

    way to go, reinforce that whole women as objects not thinking human beings thing.

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