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Norah Jones Wusses Out, Lets Us Down

NorahJonesWe never thought we'd end up writing multiple stories on Norah Jones battle for  massive Gothic windows in her Brooklyn brownstone. But sometimes stories become bigger than you, so big you forget your preconceived notions and let them engulf you. Like a giant vat of Cool Whip. Either that or a part of us simply cannot fathom how this story is still going on, and we're thanking our one lucky star we're too poor to go toe-to-toe with the brownstone overlords. An ever-brief run down of the events that have led us up to this point: Norah buy expensive Cobble Hill brownstone, Norah want ten fancy windows for brownstone, uppity preservation society say windows clash with architectural foundation of neighborhood, Norah say f off uppity preservation society, I'm Norah Jones. Until now that is. Jones revealed new renovation plans to the Brooklyn Paper recently, and these plans have a total of seven windows. By our math, seven is less than ten. And we'd channeled so much revolutionary spirit from this ordeal. Say it ain't so, Nor... (Via: Gothamist)

Norah Jones Wusses Out, Lets Us Down