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Taylor Swift Totally Owes Kanye A Christmas Present

KanyeWith Mariah Carey stealing Kanye's drunken award show schtick these days, the guy was already all but off the hook for past past scene-stealing indiscretions. But now it's official. Nielsen Soundscan released their end of year album sales totals. And young madame Swift took home the cake, selling 3.2 million copies of her Fearless album. Saying this was all due to Kanye would be ridiculous and, well, kind of a dick move. However, the second place album, Susan Boyle's I Dreamed A Dream, came in just behind Swift's at 3.1 million copies (I guess everyone had to buy their Mom something for Christmas?). Now, in our humble opinions, that extra month where Kanye's little interruption dominated the news cycle could probably explain around .1 million albums or so. In closing: while Taylor should be proud of herself and her songwriting and her accomplishing more before the age of 20 than we probably ever will,  at least send the man a fruitcake. (Via: Yahoo Music News)

Taylor Swift Totally Owes Kanye A Christmas Present