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Crookers Mishka Mix and Wild Tee


There's a special place in our hearts for Milano wildboys Crookers and their excellent productions which you may know from their crazy awesome DJ sets and, you know, them kind of being responsible for Kid Cudi's career. Yeah we said it. NY "clothier" Mishka loves 'em too, apparently. Not only did they have them curate the XVth installment of their "Keep Watch" mixtape—a massive, smartly curated thing of deep-ass bass music—they designed a crazy shirt based on Crookers forthcoming album which includes crowd-pleasing perennials such as animals (Crookers shit) and eyeballs (Mishka shit). Limited edition and dope!

Download: Mishka Presents Keep Watch v. XV: Crookers

Crookers Mishka Mix and Wild Tee