Dum Dum Girls' Dee Dee Skee Bop Bam Pow (She Headlined SPACELAND in LA and Videothing Was There)

DumDumGirlsYou might say Dum Dum Girls‘ main Dum Dum Girl, Dee Dee, is camera shy. Since her fuzzy wuzzy pop gems started getting handed around the nerdsphere last summer, it has seemed odd to suggest we all call her by her birth name of Kristin Gundred, former leading lady for San Diego’s Grand Ole Party. Web mystics say she wanted that shit kept secret, even as it was announced she landed herself a deal with Sub Pop. But you know, Web mystics also know she has her reasons, even if the Web is the worst place for you to hide or keep a secret. That said, Dum Dum Girls made their headlining debut way back in late November at LA’s Spaceland. Videothing was there to lovingly document the evening and even got in some QT with Dee Dee before the show. Though obscured by leaves, she opted to keep her veil down anyway.

Her/Their debut full-length is out March 20, video’s after the jump.

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  1. Maurice says:

    The songs are good but this Kristin chick is so full of shit. Kind of ridiculous. Guess I’d put up a wall of pretension and hide behind gimmicks too if I were in a band like Grand ol’ Party prior to this. That stuff is SO bad. Most people wouldn’t get a second chance from the hype machine after that stint so congrats to her.