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Novakane f. 8Ball & MJG, "Okay" MP3

8ball and MJG no longer need to write lyrics. At this point, they could just make up words and take advantage of the fact that their voices are becoming even more gravelly, burdened by the weight of their mostly overlooked rap career. (Bad Boy signing notwithstanding—that just seemed like Diddy was using his wealth to help his rap heroes and we commend him for it.) They still write actual words, thought, and they do it well: MJG bounces all over the track like a helium balloon filled with pebbles and 8Ball sticks to the low end, voice never raising above an ominous, controlled rasp. But it's producer Rickey G channelingIn Our Lifetime Vol. 1-era Organized Noize guitar twang and Novakane that offer the best moment of the entire song: I don't really give a fuck about swagger/I wear the same outfit three days/white tee and a pair of new Js and a brand new coupe on the way to get paid.

Download: Novakane f. 8Ball & MJG, "Okay"

Novakane f. 8Ball & MJG, "Okay" MP3