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Listen To This Pre-Bon Iver Justin Vernon Jam

justinvernonOver the weekend we happened across an mp3 that, despite the profile of its beardo author, has budded up only lightly in most parts of the musicnerdosphere. "Hazelton" is a fingerpicked beauty Justin Vernon bka Bon Iver recorded alone just before he left his home in Northern Wisconsin to take a crack at things in North Carolina with his band DeYarmond Edison nearly four years ago. Research tells us that Vernon pressed 100 copies, wrapped them "in long paper sleeves with various nature photos and sold them at a local record store" in Raleigh. It's an accurate, strikingly warm snapshot of a guy just about to uncover the voice by which we now know him. Tearjerker City.

Justin Vernon, Hazelton

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Listen To This Pre-Bon Iver Justin Vernon Jam