The Forthcoming Jimi Hendrix Flood of 2010 Makes Us Wish We Printed Money Instead of Crappy Indie Rock Quips

HendrixSince his death on September 18th, 1970, Jimi Hendrix has released an astounding eight studio albums. Eight. That number kicks up to nine in March when Sony’s Legacy Recordings releases Valleys of Neptune, twelve unreleased/magically remastered tracks comprised mostly of his final studio sessions with the original Jimi Hendrix Experience lineup in 1969 as well as his first recordings with bassist Billy Cox. But will it be any good? While labels all around have definitely been scraping the bottom of the proverbial peanut butter jar for a while now, one needn’t be a Hendrix obsessor to get excited for Valleys. That is to say: it’s not a long lost Jimi album, but it’s certainly not a mess of outtakes or scraps either. According to Billboard, the title track comes from a song Hendrix wrote  and recorded at his “creative peak” just before is death in 1970, a song all but lost until now and one that will be released globally as a single on February 2. The year-long excavation comes on the eve of the 40th anniversary of the musician’s death, with Sony also planning to cash in with the release of CD/DVD deluxe editions of all of Jimi’s non-posthumous work, a reissue of the 1968 Jimi Hendrix Experience compilation album Smash Hits, an exhaustive box set, a DVD/Blu-ray release of Hendrix’s legendary Woodstock performance and a new documentary. This sort of sounds like this year’s wondrous equivalent to the Beatles re-issues that arrived in 2009. If only we had a cash hat. Or tree. We meant tree.

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