Stream: New Renaissance Man Mini Mix

It’s very possible that you also spent the days before and after Christmas traveling to and from Vermont, by automobile and by train, listening to Renaissance Man. Specifically their mix for Sixpack, a googly eyed ball of wet dance music, cherry on topped with a sample of Tom Waits on The Daily Show. A brontosaurus could duet with Ray Charles on a cover of “Informer” and it would be more obvious music than what this Finnish duo is coming up with. And what they are coming up with more than we realized, solidified by the clips from their new EP now streaming on their MySpace, is a fascination with people making music with their mouth. Like “Lukas With the Lid Off,” Ella Fitzgerald, be-bop-a-lula beatmaking. They’re realized the possibilities of the throat are endless and thus are forwarding the future of dance music with a very simple bodily step back. They also remix The Very Best! And it sounds like Art of Noise. Check out a mini-mix of all new tracks and remixes—just click the thing that says “The New Stuff.” Easily identifiable button for lovingly confusing music because they want be recognized—one step forward, two steps forward.

Stream: New Renaissance Man Mini Mix

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