If You Put J-Simps' Hair On B-Corgs' Bald Head, They Would Look A Lot Alike

Jessica-Simpson-Billy-Corgan-258x300File this under Thing That Would Have Shattered Our High School Crystal Ball…

Jay-Z and Beyonce appear to be doing the term “musical marriage” quite  a bit of justice these days (see: “Crazy In Love” on basically every Best of the 2000′s list ever). However, sometimes all it takes is one little Twitter update to ruin all the good faith music’s power couple established for the term. Today, new Billy Corgan ladyfriend Jessica Simpson bottled collective doom in one tweet.

From producer Kerry Brown’s Twitter:

“In the studio @billy @jessicasimpson @mtulin, Scott-Brian Wilson’s band Muddy-LA Guns, a stalker who got by security 2 give me PEZ candy”

We like to think we have pretty open minds over here. But Pez candy aside, be afraid. Be very afraid. (Via: Jessica Simpson’s Twitter)

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