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Keepaway, "Yellow Wings" MP3

How did Keepaway dudes somehow tap into our seratonin reserves with this song and give us a boost better than the [Lexapro] [St. Johns Wort] [smell of lemons] [Wellbutrin] [beer] that we use/abuse to keep ourselves steeped in quasi-happiness? Have we been reading the wrong Eckhart Tolle manuals? J/K, Eckhart Tolle is not our style. But the sparse, sweet guitar melody of "Yellow Wings" just inspired us to group hug—besides giving us serious early New Order vibes, the rush of fuzzy overdrive and sweetly sung, totally earnest and good-hearted-sounding vocals are fully enthralling. Lyric sample: I think I finally know what I want/ I wanna be two places at once. WE FEEL YOU. This was apparently produced by Eric Gorman and mastered in "Bassy" Bob Brockman's studio (he made Ready to Die, know that album?) and as a result it is possible Cappadonna allegedly stole their weed. BUZZKILL.

Download: Keepaway, "Yellow Wings" (via FORK)

Keepaway, "Yellow Wings" MP3