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Nguzunguzu's Bonkers New EP


Dear Los Angeles producer/DJs Nguzunguzu, we need like three more cups of coffee to properly handle this right now, but we're not mad. They're offering a free five-song EP that is, if we had to guess, totally interpretive. For instance: "Moments in Sex" possibly samples the sensual moans from Pet Shop Boys' "West End Girls" and takes us on a screwed down, minimalist beat vacation that's alternates between desert ocarina jams and spaced-out synths. The rest of the EP is similarly exploratory, emphasizing lasered bass and a quietly meditative intensity, with one track ("El Bebe Ambiente") a kind of trancey take on speed merengue that is super dope and includes what sounds like ducks quacking in the distance. Ducks!

Download: Nguzunguzu Full EP (automatic download, just keep clicking through the labyrinth) (via Fluo Kids)

Nguzunguzu's Bonkers New EP