United Bamboo’s Gets Bratty For Spring

It might not be that noticeable unless you’ve spent a day poring over glossy manicured lookbooks, but United Bamboo‘s spring collection is styled just a bit more unkempt than is common for press shots. This is a good thing. Look closely: Some of the pants are a bit bunchy in the hips, the pants are rolled with a little more ease than you’ll find in most modern takes on prep, that navy jumper that ties in the front is a bit bulky. It doesn’t hurt that the model looks he went to the Holden Caulfield/Wes Anderson School of Bratty Boy Catwalking. It all adds up to a slightly more stylized version (don’t think Holden would be caught dead in that shade of pink) of what prep is supposed to be: a little bit sloppy, a tad spoiled, but really endearing. (via Selectism)

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