Album Preview: Sade's "Soldier of Love"

In a documentary Sade made about the recording of her new album, Soldier of Love, Sade states, "I am more capable NOW than I used to be." More capable now? Really? More capable than No Ordinary Love or Paradise? Those were my thoughts Wednesday night at a New York listening for her upcoming February 9th release. But after listening to Soldier of Love in full, I began to believe that statement was true. Keep in mind, I was already probably way too excited about her first album in eight years, but after hearing it, I'm only more excited to buy this—YES, BUY THIS—and have it on full repeat. Eight-year hiatus and that woman still looks just as beautiful and sounds just as amazingly soothing as she always has (clearly her and Maxwell are sipping on the same sizzurp that they should share with Lauryn Hill). From the album's first cut, "The Moon and the Sky," to her ode to fatherhood, "Babyfather," to the final track "The Safest Place," Sade was unfailingly entrancing. The same smooth cadences and the soul calming sound that only Sade can capture? Yes. This woman has RE-ARRIVED. Another shocker in the short documentary was that the title track, and my current over played tune, "Soldier of Love," wasn't even going to be included on the album. Thank goodness they changed their minds. Check our notes from the session and a track-by-track breakdown after the jump. -Kristen Frasier

1. "The Moon And The Sky"
Lyric: You always know why/ we could not have the the moon and the sky
Song about a long wanting love that seems to never have completion or conclusion.

2. "Soldier Of Love"
Single that could have had a better video. This song, according to the group, almost did not make the album.

3. "Morning Bird"
Lyric - You are the morning bird who sang me into life
According to the EPK, Sade was inspired by the rain and the leaves looking outside of the window in the studio.
Reminds me of "Pearls" or "Tattoo" from her previous albums.

4. "BabyFather"
A baby daddy story, but not ghettoized. About seeing a man who can be the father of a woman's child, but without the drama. Relevant song for some women in today's age who might not be able to find a life mate, but still yearn for the child as a product of a relationship. Sade was married and divorced a year later and has said that she would not marry again. But she did say that she wants children, possibly of her own and by adoption.

5. "Long Hard Road"
Short song in length, but about having to let go of love to be free.

6. "Be That Easy"
Lyric - It couldn't be that easy/ it had to he much harder
Seems like this song represents what it means to be a soldier of love. Saying that love is never easy, at least maybe for her.....?

7. "Bring Me Home"
Lyric - Small step I need to take is a mountain
Track has an uptempo vibe, but seems to speak about a struggle to find oneself

8. "In Another Time"
Lyric - So tired of waiting to change / In another time girl, your tears wont leave a trace/ In another time girl, in another place.
Song about people doing you wrong, but seems to have optimism about a better future ahead, with faith. Maybe the album addresses her dealing with rumors that have plagued her since she has been silent from the music scene (drug abuse, depression, etc.)

9. "Skin"
Lyric - Sometimes love has to let go/ begin to wash you off my skin
Again, about letting go of love and regrowing, rebuilding, regenerating.

10. "The Safest Place"
Lyric - In my heart, your love has found the safest hiding place
The shortest song on the album, wish it was longer. Really beautiful. Being a soldier of love also means that you have to protect others as they fight to find comfort in love.


Album Preview: Sade's "Soldier of Love"