Aziz Ansari Talks Up Skerrit Bwoy Pon De Jimmy Kimmel Show

Our worlds got a little smaller the other night when Aziz Ansari—comedian, actor and author of our current issue’s interview with Animal Collective—went on the Jimmy Kimmel Show and talked about Diplo—producer, DJ, Twitterer and F62 coverstar—and Skerrit Bwoy, star of Major Lazer’s “Pon de Floor” video, preeminent daggering artist, man who we frequently @ with on Twitterand dude we profiled in F54. This is starting to feel like Hands Across America! More importantly, we find it amazing that Skerrit is getting national attention for a dance that has caused an epidemic of broken wangs in Jamaica. Watch the clip above, wherein Aziz describes his fateful meeting with the boys in Australia, and check out DJ Gravy‘s blog for some interesting anecdotes about Major Lazer. And remember: don’t try daggering at home unless you want your nutsack to resemble a Guinness Book-sized eggplant.

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