Donate to Help Haiti

As all of you are aware, Haiti was racked by a 7.0-magnitude earthquake two days ago. Aftershocks continue to ravage the country and its infrastructure has crumbled as aid starts to trickle in slowly. The losses of the earthquake are felt even here at FADER headquarters. Judnick Mayard, a member of the FADER family, is a first generation Haitian-American whose cousin, Reynold Lewis, is among the missing. Reynold lives in the Delmas 18 neighborhood of Port-Au-Prince with his wife, Fifi, son Rey and daughter Reyikah. Here is a photo of Reynold and Rekiyah- please forward to anyone who you think could help. FADER photo coordinator John Francis Peters visited Haiti and Mayard's family over the holidays and returned with life-changing stories. Now, only a few weeks later, all of those memories (photographic evidence of which you can see to the left) drastically depart from the current reality of Haiti's current situation.

To help the general cause, please consider donating funds to the following organizations:

Text HAITI to 90999 and a $10 donation will be made on your behalf to the Red Cross, which will be added to your cellphone bill.

For direct donations, visit CNN.

Donate to Help Haiti