Raheem Devaughn, Mr. February aka March Madness Mixtape MP3

Smooth crooner Raheem Devaughn’s third album Love and War Masterpeace album is set for early March, so in advance of that “Radio Raheem” gifted us with a little 23-song (1) sampling of what he’s offering. This mixtape has a lot of club swing and low end, perfect for late nights and Miami poolside (which is where we wish we were right now). At least we can pretend with this? Check the tracklist after the jump.

Download: Raheem Devaughn, Mr. February aka March Madness Mixtape

1.) Intro
2.) I’m Good ft. Phil Ade
3.) Pretty Girls- Wale ft. Phil Ade and Raheem DeVaughn
4.)Bonita Applebum Remix (Produced by Supreme)
5.)Know What I Mean
6.)Take Home Remix- XO ft. Phil Ade and Raheem DeVaughn
7.) Slow Love (Slow Dance Remix)8.) Fever Tabi Bonney ft. Raheem DeVaughn
9.) Re-Invented Sex
10.) West Coast Love
11.) Never Too Much (Remake)
12.)Die For You (Remake)
13.)Lying To Myself
14.) Solider Of Love Remix Sade ft. Raheem DeVaughn
15.) PSA
16.) Village Ghetto Land (Remake) 17.) Birthday Cake
18.) Redemption Song (Remake)19.)We Are DJ Jazzy Jeff ft. Cy Young and
Raheem DeVaughn
20.) We Are One (Remake)
21.)Love Experience Remix Pt. 2 ft. Omar Retnuh – Urban Ave 31
22.)Until (Unplugged Live Version)23.) Outro PSA

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  1. Jesse says:

    Where can I download Raheem’s remix of Solider Of Love?