Chemical Brothers’ New Mix Hints at Drug-Friendly New Album

Waaaaayyyy back in FADER #11, we met up with the Chemical Brothers for some record shopping in New York City, where they bought some old disco 12-inches and subsequently unleashed Come With Us, which had a few disco-ish songs on it, but hardly reflected their purchases on the whole. Which leaves us wondering what Tom Rowlands is telling us with this recent “late night psychtronic mix,” posted to the duo’s just opened Twitter. It’s definitely less Rave Town 2010 than Oh Man I Went To Rave Town Last Night And Just Want Drink Tea For Awhile, so maybe the new Chemical Brothers album will be an ambient departure for the guys who were way ahead of the latest club resurgence. After all, their favorite records of 2009 were the ones we listened to while recovering from late nights not living them.

Download: Chemical Brothers Late Night Psychotronic Mix

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