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Ezra Koenig and Esau Mwamwaya Live Blog Their New Video, Wear Flannel In African Heat

The Very Best released their video for 2009 highlight "Warm Heart Of Africa" late last week. The song, which features Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig filling in handily on hook duty, is what you might call "hook-laden." After much e-badgering we were able to bully Ezra and The Very Best's Esau Mwamwaya into liveblogging their thoughts on the video as they watched it in real time. Check it out after the hump.

0:12 - Esau: Hopefully these scenic backdrops will distract people from the fact that my dance is basically just the prelude to the Crank Dat Soulja Boy...

0:18 - Esau: If I handed you this boombox, you would totally look like John Cusack.

0:20 - Ezra: I love heavy flannel in the summer in Africa, and also in Manhattan summer.

0:43 - Esau: This is the very best pond in Africa!

1:07 - Ezra: Man, I really just am not a good dancer, do you think indie rock will notice?

1:30 - Esau: Still waiting on Malawi's Jimmy Jazz. Everybody needs some discount Fila's.

1:33 - Esau: Ezra, your dancing does look a bit like that giraffe come to think of it.

1:38 - Esau: The middle buffalo is my favorite. I will call him Sparky.

2:04 - Esau: Are all New York bus drivers that jovial?

2:06 - Ezra: That bus driver has sweet gloves, I wonder if they are Polo?

2:14 - Ezra: Bro side hug is the way to go. I wonder if this is how Asher Roth gets his inspiration.

3:23 - Esau: Why are they running from our dancing?

3:38 - Ezra: The dude who came up with green screen went to Columbia.

Actually, for transparency's sake, we thought you should know they didn't liveblog for us. It was us all along!

(Via: mtvU)

Ezra Koenig and Esau Mwamwaya Live Blog Their New Video, Wear Flannel In African Heat