Panda Bear Live in Berlin 2010

Looking at Panda Bear‘s tour schedule is almost as mind-altering as listening to this recent solo set at Berlin’s Life is Live Conference on January 15th: he’s visiting mystical places named Kortrijk, Minehead and Butlin’s Holiday Centre. Were these locations specifically created to host a Panda Bear show or is Noah Lennox touring the inside of James Cameron’s superego (PS DO NOT EVER SINCERELY SPEAK NA’VI IN PUBLIC UNLESS YOU ARE WORTH A BILLION DOLLARS)? Either way, we’re excited to hear some new Panda Bear stateside after getting a taste at last fall’s ATP in upstate New York. Google “panda bear berlin 2010″ to find the mp3s, invite some Germans over and start getting reservedly excited for the new album (overt emotionality makes them uncomfortable). Also check video of the PB version of Merriweather‘s “Daily Routine” after the jump.

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  1. Berlin Wall says:

    Ville bara skriv att vill ni se bilder från Berlin så kan ni göra det på bilder i berlin sidan.