Tweet Release: Spoon's Transference

Remember when Spoon was bad? It wasn’t so long ago. Yes, there was indeed a time when it seemed that they put out nothing but loose-fitting, out of tune, drawn-out and generally awful product. Drivel. Consistently. Well, I’m glad to report that they’ve kind of/finally gotten their act together and produced an album worth spinning in 2010: Transference.

Totally kidding.

At this point it pretty much goes without saying that Britt Daniel and Co. are going to please with each new crop of songs, a point made clear by the past 14 records they’ve shared. An album with noticeably (also read: uncharacteristically) looser production values, Transference extends the streak. It’s chock full tightly-spun songwriting we've come to expect, each jam catchier than last year’s Golden Glove winner. Only this act feels more lived-in. Over the course of Transference’s runtime there are moments of angular joy (“Written In Reverse”), smooth dub grooves (“Who Makes Your Money”), Top 10 contenders (“The Mystery Zone”), fuzzed-out Petty channeling (“Trouble Comes Running”), and heart-shredding piano ballads (“Goodnight Laura”). In fact, the best part about Transference, is that “Spoon-ish” tracks and all, everything manages to feel fresh. They’ve even managed the obligatory slow-grower in album opener, “Before Destruction”.  All that said, Spoon used to be a sort of trade secret, a hard-working act that you could always pull out of your back pocket, your ace. With Transference, they’ve completed a trilogy of hard-hitting albums, each of which have not only won over increasing numbers of new listeners, but further refined the sound and meaning of a word like “Spoon-ish.”

Your part:

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Tweet Release: Spoon's Transference