Peter Gabriel Can Now Claim Your Mom's Heart and Your Record Collection

We'll admit, we've been slacking a bit on our Peter Gabriel RSS feed, for the last, well, forever. So while we remember the very cute Vampire Weekend cover thing, this whole indie covers album caught us with our pants down a bit.

As Stereogum states, the concept is fascinating. The album is called Scratch My Back, in reference to Gabriel's hopes that this covers project will spawn a response from the artists to whom he is paying tribute. The album, put together with Bob Ezrin and John Metcalfe, features large orchestral takes on a number of indie rock songs from the likes of Talking Heads, Lou Reed, Radiohead, Bon Iver and more. A couple of these songs came out this week, and if nothing else, are worth a listen for the sake of pure intrigue.

The first, Gabriel's take on Arcade Fire's "My Body Is A Cage", was premiered on Stereogum yesterday. While we're still a bit out of sorts from hearing Pete's voice over such a haunting background, the song is undeniably huge. Check it out here along with his rationale on approaching the track. Music nerd win!

The second is a pairing that sat much better with us on initial listen: Gabriel taking over for Justin Vernon on For Emma's heartfelt "Flume." We'll admit we're kind of digging on this one, even if it does come across as a little Bon Iver meets Phil Collin's Tarzan theme song. Check it out below. (Via: IGuessI'mFloating)

Peter Gabriel, "Flume" (Bon Iver cover)

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Peter Gabriel Can Now Claim Your Mom's Heart and Your Record Collection