Prince Likes Watching Playoff Football Just Like You, Only He Wrote A Weird Song About It

We here at Tripwire HQ try to have no clear-cut sports biases. However, much before our time the Dallas Cowboys were crowned America’s Team, and we were never consulted. Since this moment, let’s just say that we and the Cowboys have never gotten along famously. This is why we were pretty stoked to learn Prince was so inspired by his Minnesota Vikings’ romping of the ‘Boys last weekend, securing them a spot in the NFC Championship Game, he felt compelled to write a song about it simply titled “Purple and Gold.” After listening to this thing, it feels fitting that one of the more normal ideas he’s ever had still turns out pretty weird. But at least we now know we’d have more to small talk with Prince about over coffee than we’d realized before. If in doubt, just fall back on Sidney Rice’s yards-after-catch average. Duh. (Via: Stereogum)

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