Raekwon, Coke Up in da Dollar Bill Mixtape

Judging by the cover of this mixtape, Rae could have coke up in a lot more than a dollar bill. Why not just call that shit “coke up in a gold-coated silly straw”? That’s what we would do if we had that much money from selling that much coke. Not that this is Photoshopped or anything. Kind of disappointed Yelawolf doesn’t guest on this, like the Chef does on his Trunk Music tape. At least we’ve got Uncle Murda. You think Rae is nervous about the upcoming Wu Trio album taking away from the solo spotlight he reestablished with last year’s Cuban Linx 2? If all it takes is a little fear to light a fire then so be it.

Download: Raekwon, Coke Up in da Dollar Bill mixtape

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