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Stream: T-Pain, "So Much Pain"

And you thought the day was going to be a complete wash! T-Pain – autotune + rap = awesome. Pain is starting off with some choice words for the haters and this song is definitely letting them know he’s not ready to fade into the background anytime soon. He’s going in and we’re thinking maybe Weezy has finally rubbed off on him. Also, this may come as a shock, but Pain sounds amazing without electronic help. This is the first track off his “So Much Pain” mixtape with DJ Whoo Kid and we’re hoping Teddy Pain keeps it raw from start to finish. Either way this is a good look and he’s back with a vengeance for all those that have been pronouncing him D.O.A. They can kill autotune but they just put a battery in Pain’s back. -Judnick Mayard

Stream: T-Pain, "So Much Pain"