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Video: Still Bill, The Bill Withers Documentary

It's been almost 25 years since Bill Withers packed up his bags and turned his back on the music industry, a silent step back into obscurity that's still flanked with baffling question marks. Documentary filmmakers Helmers Damani Baker and Alex Vlack went in search of Withers eight years ago, and managed to capture 300 hours of footage with the musician over the course of two years, peeling back the veil on the familial privacy he's kept in a Los Angeles hillside hideaway. As well as journeying back to the coal-mining town in West Virginia where Withers grew up, the movie uncovers his dissatisfaction with the business, and finds him slowly piecing together the will to make music again. Still Bill has picked up a bunch of awards on the film festival circuit and screens at the IFC in New York this week, and you can also pre-order the DVD here. -Chioma Nnadi

Video: Still Bill, The Bill Withers Documentary