Exclusive Listen: Sharon Van Etten's New Single "Love More"

sharonvanetten2A year ago in May, the Tripwire enjoyed some time in folk enchantress Sharon Van Etten‘s kitchen as she unfurled “Keep,” a heart-breaker from her full-length Because I Was In Love. Today we’ve got an exclusive preview of Van Etten’s new single “Love More,” a recording made possible through a collaboration between the non-profits Weathervane Music and XPN and their excellent “Shaking Through” series. It’s a similarly spare, waltz-time beauty that accomplishes in just five minutes what most songwriters fail to find in years of trying: it opens you up.

Sharon Van Etten, Love More

(Photo by Sarahana)

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  1. Eddie says:

    The link to the Shaking Through series isn’t working (one letter too many :p)

    Thanks for the song !

  2. David Bevan says:

    Fixed, dude! You’re very welcome!

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  4. Girl says:

    Is there anyway that someone could post lyrics?

  5. Sharon says:

    chained to the wall of our room
    yeah you chained me like a dog in our room
    i thought that’s how it was i thought that we were fine
    then the day was night
    you were high you were high while i was doomed and dyin’ for
    with no life, with no light.

    tied to my bed, i was younger then, i had nothing to spend but time on you
    but it made me love it made me love, it made me love more…

    do what you said, the words she said – left out
    over into the sky where i’ll soon fly
    and she took the time
    to believe in, to believe in what she said…

    she made me love, she made me love more…