Stream: Lady Gaga f. Beyonce, “Telephone (Passion Pit Remix)”

About a year ago, our office was divided on Passion Pit. We were in love, at least, with their work with a children’s chorus, but that guy’s nasal-y voice was just so unnecessary. Looks like they’re still fascinated with ultra high pitches, as demonstrated on their remix of Lady Gaga, with some serious reminders of Kanye West’s old Chimpmunk vocal styles. Maybe they’re just better working with other people (little children, gigantic pop stars). Lady Gaga, whose music may not but traditional FADER fair, has a flair that is. She’s recently taken to playing Zomby during her stage show’s interludes, and this decision to have the Pitters do an official remix just seems like a further step in appropriately weird directions. Here’s to hoping her music starts sounding like was made out of bubble wrap, not just her dresses.

Stream: Lady Gaga f. Beyonce, “Telephone (Passion Pit Remix)”

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  1. frank says:

    small mistake. this is not ‘videophone’. this is the other lady gaga & beyonce song…’telephone’

  2. Matthew Schnipper says:

    Thanks Frank, it’s corrected.

  3. Beyonce is so gifted! I grew up in Houston too! Nice to see a fellow Texan from my home town be such a success!

  4. Why do this many people love Lady Gaga?

  5. Danny says:

    Disgusting style.