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Stream: Untold Live at Fabric


Thanks to RBMA, aka "Red Bull Music Academy" to those initiated in shotgun cans and hyper DJ mixes. Dubstep producer (does everyone's mom know what dubstep is? If you are reading this and don't know what dubstep is, leave a comment and we'll take it to heart and try to define better. It's so difficult to know when new words and concepts are commonplace). Untold's mix is no exception, opening with Cooly G's "Last Night" and continuing in similar tones of smoky bass. But he's got an interest in percussion, so the business streams across flavors, a little salsa, some dancehall, some reggae. All of it sounds jolly, like instead of recording this mix live at UK club Fabric, he made it at a banana orchard or wherever they grow bananas. Definite end of Beetlejuice vibes. If Winona was like 15 years younger, a British dude with easy access to BBC 1 radio, probably pretty nerdy, in jazz band, at least solidly middle class but probably from outside the city, maybe she'd be Untold. (via Resident Advisor)

Stream: Untold Live at Fabric

Posted: January 27, 2010
Stream: Untold Live at Fabric