Susan Sarandon and Solange Knowles Crash Of Montreal Show at Highline Last Night, Cover J5 and Spank Pigs (Respectively)

You know the scene is getting weird when two ladies of completely different socio-ethnographic backgrounds are making costumed cameos at a mainstay indie rock show. In a surprise move at the of Montreal concert at the Highline Ballroom last night, Susan “The Punisher” Sarandon entered stage-left and started striking the asses of grown men dressed like pigs.  She remained on stage for a good while, just throwing tinsel into the audience and enjoying the limelight of her golden years.  And as if that act could be followed, Solange covered the Jackson 5′s “I Want You Back.”  The mayhem can be seen in the above video and more shot by some tickled onlookers after the jump.

We’re just glad that Susan seems to be revisiting her Rocky Horror S&M days, instead of that movie where she had cancer and just-had-a-good-cry eyes and Julia Roberts was robbing her of her children. (Video buffet via P4k via YouTube)

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