Video: Karriem Riggins and Thundercat Jam

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A few months back when Stephen “Thundercat” Bruner stopped by Suite903 with Shafiq Husayn of SA-RA, we had ourselves a jamboree. He didn’t play anything for us but he did let me try on his shades. (Check photographic evidence after the jump.) I immediately took a picture and posted it on Facebook so I could feel myself and garner some friend requests. (Holler at me!) How can you not get along with a man who rocks cataract glasses with gold leaves glued to the side?! Even better then his killer style was his sense of humor, although he was a bit shy, ridiculous knowledge of music and amazing talent. The man has played bass for SA-RA, Erykah Badu and J Davey among others. That evening though, he just chilled with us and schooled us on the art of jamming and improvising. We finally have a clip of him in action. After watching, you should read up on Tony Williams’ and learn how much of an awesome music nerd Thundercat is. Then get yourself ready for the 3 DVD Limited Edition Timeless Box set that drops on March 30th. It does NOT come with a pair of stunna shades but lets face it few people are cool enough to pull that off. Just sit back and learn something. -Judnick Mayard


Video: Karriem Riggins and Thundercat Jam