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AMS Knitwear by Lynnda Needles and Danny Sangra

Knitwear sensei Lynnda Needles and artist Danny Sangra have named their line AMS, short for A Minute's Silence, after the famous scene in Band of Outsiders where Godard cuts the sound. There really isn't anything quiet about their new knits, and the colorful checkerboard sweaters look like the inside of a Pac-Man labyrith. Prop stylist Fred Butler has an interview with the pair up on her site, and apparently each piece comes with the original artwork and is safely wrapped in a handmade moth-repellant bag. As well as her wearables, Needles makes knitted art, including hanging plants and polar bears, which she tells us more about in our upcoming style issue.

AMS Knitwear by Lynnda Needles and Danny Sangra