Artist Boo Saville and her Bogmen and Ghosts

!WOWOW! began as a funny night at the back of a pub in South London, or so art shaman Matthew Stone told us back in FADER 49. Since Stone and his cohorts started their free form performances and darkly bacchanalian gatherings a few years ago, a bunch of new stars have crept out into the art world at large, and artist Boo Saville is one of their newest and brightest. Saville is most fascinated with people in the moments after they die, hence her super-detailed pictures of ancient bodies found in peat bogs and macabre shrunken heads, which she draws with ordinary ball-point pens and toilet bleach. It's her way of finding life in death, or if you consider her ghost monoprints, a spookily beautiful peephole into the afterlife. Her solo show "Totem" opens in London next week, at the Trolley Books Gallery.




Artist Boo Saville and her Bogmen and Ghosts