Black Eyed Peas Pow Original, Boom Boom Maybe Not So Much

black-eyed-peas-2A group called Phoenix Phenom is now staking their claim via lawsuit that the Black Eyed Peas jacked their track “Boom Dynamite” when creating the incessant summer headache that was “Boom Boom Pow.” The group made a video for their track that resembles what we imagine most of the Bring It On sequels would have looked like in three-minute form. We admit they are similar (check out both videos at NY Mag), but have certainly heard plenty more blatant rip-offs in our day. In an odd way, we’re sort of rooting for on this one. To write an original song entitled “Boom Boom Pow” is one thing, but to have plagiarized a song of that title just sort of feels like cheating on Pete Doherty at role model school. (Via: Vulture)

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