Stream The Knife's Opera Score That Ruins Any Shot They Had at Playing Conservative Junior High Science Classes

tomorrowinayear_press2_NEW1We have a lot of creative whims. Unfortunately, we’re not a critically revered electro-pop duo with an alarming musical capacity. It’s possible this is why The Knife are off writing the music for operas based on Charles Darwin and our Tenacious D/White Stripes mash-up tribute record The Jack Grey album never really got off the ground. But we’re not bitter. They seem to generally be using their powers for good and charmingly odd pursuits as opposed to evil, so we’ll allow it. Also, the music is good, which is kind of our thing. The opera is called Tomorrow In A Year and is now streaming in its entirety at The Knife’s website. Or, check out the widget after the jump. We love widgets, brah.

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