If Health Issues Persist, Monotonix Can Apparently Play Florida Hospital Circuit

Here’s the deal. Three out of every four bands we get PR-type e-mails about supposedly put on insane live shows. This is often a lie. However, to call Monotonix’s live show insane might actually be an understatement (for more proof see this FADER F2 in-depth piece on the band). We caught them at Siren Festival on Coney Island this summer and were legitimately worried for the safety of the band, the fans, the Cyclone, even the extra long hot dogs were at risk. Somehow the group had never suffered a major injury through all their climbing and jumping, or at least they hadn’t until their gig on Wednesday in West Palm Beach when singer Ami Shalev broke his leg on stage. But while it’s hard to imagine these dudes off the road for too long, it’s always good to have a plan B. And they very well might have found that at the hospital while getting patched up. According to their MySpace page  “The doctor showed up asking for autographs” and “nurses kept coming in and out of the room with monotonix show videos playing on their ipods.” Sure, this band has quite a cult following, but we didn’t realize they were all working the night shift at JFK Memorial Hospital.  Guess Florida isn’t all old folks and Christian football stars after all. (Via: P4K)

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