Joe Casely-Hayford For John Lewis

How can you ever get tired of high/low designer collaborations if they continue to produce results like Joe Casely-Hayford for John Lewis? John Lewis is a sensible, well-priced department store, the kind of place where you buy a school uniform or a smart Oxford button-down. Casely-Hayford is basically the opposite, blending influences like a painter mixes paints, and then tailoring it all in the Savile Row tradition. But somehow, someway, the two institutions met in the middle, and the new clothes have the best of both worlds—color and texture in entirely sensible proportions. Plus it’ll be inexpensive enough that you won’t have to spend all your Euros at once. The collection has us dreaming on like-minded pairings: Dries Van Noten for Target and Raf Simons for H&M anyone? (via Style Salvage)

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