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Stream: Pantha Du Prince, Black Noise

Pantha Du Prince's music is the exact opposite of abrasive. It lulls into a state of calm—wide-eyed epiphany transformed into the constant hypnotic back and forth of soft bells. When song twists do come—Panda Bear's distant vocals, a particularly notable bassline—we're eased into them and it is always interesting, just never shocking. We wanted to compare it to being born, wide-eyed, confused and fascinated. But then we realized we had no idea what it felt like to be born, so we totally abandoned that one. Pantha Du Prince's Black Noise comes out Feb 9th, and pick up FADER 65 (on stands now) for more on dude—including the awesome picture you see above.

(via GvsB)

Stream: Pantha Du Prince, Black Noise