CYRIOUSLY: Mike Check, One Two One Two

Michael Jackson. I won't even take the time to do a Google Search in a pursuit to find out how many articles, tributes, YouTube/Vimeo compilations, (fill in the blank) have been made in his honor and yet....surely enough this has been spoken on at least once or twice....I can't help giving the Killa Cam'ron blank stare to at least 85 percent of you guys (and gals...). Word 'em up, @CyrusKLanghorne? WORD...

Of course MJ will always go down as the irreplaceable "King of Pop," but to see how the backlash he received throughout more than 20 years in this music 'ish turned into the most "OMG! RIP TO THE BEST SINGER EVER!!! MJ! WE MISS YOU!!! RT MJ IS GONE #RIP TO THE KING" in a matter of hours last June....come on, word?

(laugh) It's hilarious because I do not doubt errryone feeling sad about his passing but it's like watching OZ back in the day and as much as people hated on the character "Adebisi" for his raunchy ways, turns out there was a change of heart when homie ended up dying (which led to the show completely FALLING OFF....)

Okay, Mature Television ratings aside, I have not been able to cope with MJ's passing not because of him at all, but because of youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu (Soulja Boy Tell Em-style)......I mean, it ranged from being in elementary school and the penis x little kid jokes to middle school and his Never Land creepy interviews to highschool/college when it was non-stop jokes goin' after the King's head because of the 2004 child molestation case.

Jokes and jokes and jokes and spaghetti, spaghetti....chea. Even after the legal issues got dropped, it seemed like homie could not catch a break from the television pranks (MadTV/Family Guy) and films....but when 'ish gets serious and he's eventually pronounced deceased?

SMH........everybody runs wild and sticks to MJ coverage all day. Some of the most hilarious coverage? Get this, the site actually ran an "RIP MJ 1958-2009" banner on every posting and now they're on the prowl to cover every move into finding out "who" is actually responsible for his passing.

I know, pardon my vague, inside-joke posting, but it's a matter I have yet to shake off, Mariah Carey style or up in Harlem......

At some point it's going to just look overdone....with the whole 3-D x Grammy Awards move and scooping out more and more unreleased Jackson records.

(laugh) Just wild. I even remember the day MJ passed and speaking with one of my friends about everyone turning to the complete opposite side of the spectrum and pulling a Memento on the singer's negative past and only speaking on his greatness. Word?

For now, I see every MJ RIP tribute as homage disguised with regret and mixed with anger. My worst fear is accepting the belief that his death has only brought about financial gain for outside parties as the This Is It film boosted a grip of $$$ for Sony and the soundtrack is already soaring past the 1 million copies SOLD mark.

Only time will tell and at the very least we should, as R&B heads, embrace the positive overall reactions (phony or fake, that's the type of people.....) and need to pay homage to the singer. I guess when it's all said and done, I worry that these people are buttering up tributes to not only out-do the other network/competition's moves but to disguise their guilt for negative press and jokes aimed at MJ...

And despite everything I have inked straight from my heart to my mind through my hands right here, I must admit....riding through the NYC subway cars days after MJ passed, seeing so many people blasting his records via their iPods, portable CD players and even homeless "veterans" singing random MJ hits to try and get us to cough up a few dollars per ride....maybe it's not all as bad as I suspect....

CYRIOUSLY: Mike Check, One Two One Two