Beach House's Recent Daytrotter Session Sounds Ridiculously Good

DaytrotterBeachHouseFor all of Daytrotter‘s many virtues, we have to say that some of the recordings lack a certain layer. Allow us to be more clear: several times a month, handfuls of our favorite bands stop by the Rock Island, Illlinois studio to lay down some tape in environs stripped of so many indie rock pretenses. It’s a perfect idea. BUT, only rarely do said recordings sound differently from or as propulsive as the originals we love. Something—and we’ve been trying to put our finger on it for years—gets lost in translation, something doesn’t pop. That’s simply not the case with the recent Beach House session that went up today. Chalk it up to the four songs’ many strengths (all Teen Dream numbers) or say the good people at Daytrotter captured the magic on this one. Just have a listen either way. These are fantastic.

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