The Grammys Hate Rap

Wait wait wait wait hold on, do you mean to tell us that Lil Wayne didn’t kick off his performance with an extended five-second string of expletives? Because this uncensored version of his performance with Drake, Eminem and Travis Barker is telling us otherwise. What’s up with all the unnecessary censorship, dudes? To be honest, we always thought, Hey, the Grammys might be increasingly irrelevant, but it’s probably still pretty exciting to go to, right? This year we got lectured about downloading music, watched Pink spin around in circles for an hour-and-a-half and got bummed out by everyone’s obsession with downtuned electric guitar. At least Jamie Foxx and Drake had a good time. Also, Taylor Swift dropped a Grammy and finally proved that the plastic ones we made for ourselves in 1994 are much closer to the real thing than we thought. And Phoenix got their Best Alt Rock Grammy from Tia Carrere in an empty room. (video via Nah Right)

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  1. weez really slays that last verse. glad they discovered the mad decent app for this one, there may be little else musically pleasing than realizing travis barker is a decent drummer and the air horn is king.

  2. kevin says:

    eminem really lowered his standards with this appearance

    this music is garbage

  3. frankie says:

    it was horrible didnt have no excitement 2 it bet lil wayne didnt even like it

  4. angela says:

    weezy iz tdah bestest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11