Veronica Falls, “Starry Eyes” MP3

Pretty sure we blogged some stuff about ice cream and soda fountains and poodle skirts the other day—or if we didn’t, we were probably thinking about it. The point is, Veronica Falls could almost fall into that sock-hop category: sweet boy-girl vocals with that swinging, loping rhythm that you instantly want a barbershop quartet to flesh out. It feels safe, and not always in a good way. Except it’s a ruse: Veronica Falls sound like the Pains of Being Pure at Heart just got to be too much (GET IT GET IT—sorry), like they’re doing all they can just to keep it together long enough to put on a smooth front and record a song.

Download: Veronica Falls, “Starry Eyed” (via Transparent)

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  1. B. says:

    You guys didn’t mention that this song is a cover. Just thought props are due to the great Roky Erickson. Love Veronica Falls’ version.

  2. Bryant says:

    It’s called “Starry Eyes” not “Starry Eyed” — and yes, it’s a Roky Erickson cover.

  3. roky says:

    this song is called starry eyes!!