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Video: Trey Songz f. Stevie Wonder, "Invented Sex"

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I know you cringed when you first heard about it but Trey Songz absolutely killed it with Stevie Wonder last night on BET Honors. And can we really be mad at Stevie? He actually did invent sex. Stevie was probably playing when Trey Songz was conceived. What makes this work is that Stevie doesn’t try to be “hip,” and plays just a little bit of the song in jest. Sorta like when your mom rocks out to "Party in the USA" for like 10.5 seconds before she realizes she’s a grown ass woman. If anything Trey proved himself talented and worthy enough to share the stage with Stevie, which is always how old and new mash-up performances should be. You heard us Grammy’s! -Judnick Mayard

Video: Trey Songz f. Stevie Wonder, "Invented Sex"