Dedication: #thisdateisover

Perhaps our favorite trending topic on Twitter YET, and the only one that's inspired us to peruse the public timeline, #thisdateisover has yielded such gems as:

@KaineTheBrave: #thisdateisover if she wants extra cheese on her Big Mac...

@lacostebodybag Did you just scratch your balls under the table and think i didnt see? #thisdateisover

@CraigAllGrownUp You have 3 kids and confused with who they dads are and they all 14+ yrs old #thisdateisover

@@iamSHAE: Nicca, are those REEBOKS ??? #thisdateisover

We HAD to dedicate this song to that shit... and what better than this live version of Mariah's "UP OUT MY FACE"? We sense a meme. Listen after the jump.

Dedication: #thisdateisover