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Johnny Depp to Direct Documentary on His Peg-Legged Father

depprichardsOh, dear: having taken inspiration from the drug-addled Keith Richards when crafting his Jack Sparrow persona, Johnny Depp has decided to direct a documentary on the Rolling Stones guitarist, who also appeared in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise as Depp's father.

"Now that I'm wiser, and that enough time has passed, I can experience directing again," Depp explains. "Already next week I'll start working on a Keith Richards documentary. While I'm in Drvengrad, my editor is already working on kilometers of archive footage and footage of his concerts. I'm very touched that Keith agreed to show up in front of my cameras."

Depp's previous foray into directing, 1997's The Brave, was a critical disaster and was never released in the US. But if time and wisdom have truly helped Depp better understand directing and has inspired him to craft a documentary focusing on a man who is beginning to resemble a muppet, more power to him. (via The Playlist)

Johnny Depp to Direct Documentary on His Peg-Legged Father