The Flaming Lips Understand You and Want You To Enjoy Bonnaroo

Maybe you've tried to find meaning in a Pink Floyd laser show, psychedelics in your system. Maybe you've sat on your couch with the shades drawn in a cloud of weed smoke as Pink Floyd dripped out of your stereo. If so, get thee to Tennessee come June: having already covered the album tip to tail in a recording studio and unleashed it on New Year's Eve,  the Flaming Lips will now perform Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon IN ITS ENTIRETY at this year's Bonnaroo. As Wayne Coyne explained to Spinner, "We're gonna do it at Bonnaroo at the midnight slot, the first night. We do a Flaming Lips set then starting about 2:30 we do this Dark Side of the Moon thing. In that sense, it's perfect for that. It lets you play a little bit longer."

Coyne explains that the band never meant for the NYE performance to be a one-timer, stating, "We feared it could be because we thought, 'Well, if it's horrible we'll be glad we only did it once and it will grow on its infamy or whatever. But no, we considered if this record did in the end come out and people liked it and we were able to pull off this New Year's Eve thing, then we thought, 'Well, we could probably do that other places.'"

In regards to performing at Bonnaroo, Coyne says, "We did it at the New Year's Eve show just knowing everybody's gonna be taking acid, staying awake until five in the morning. We might as well just be jamming on some freak-out music. I don't think it'll be that much of a stretch to think Friday night at 2:30 in the morning at Bonnaroo would be that much different than being in Oklahoma City on New Year's Eve. I'm sure people will be having their own party while we play this space rock or whatever. In that sense it's perfect for that."

Bonnaroo will be held in Manchester, Tennessee from June 10 to 13. Tickets go on sale at noon EST on February 9th.

The Flaming Lips Understand You and Want You To Enjoy Bonnaroo