O’Spada “Ten Strikes (DAZE Remix)” MP3 + Video

A friend who’s married to a beautiful Swedish woman recently explained to us that Scandinavians will openly explain their homelands to North Americans in the following relatable equation: Swedes are the Americans, Danes are the Mexicans and Norwegians are Canadian. And to clarify, “Stockholm does have a Vegas-y bimbo contingent.” We still haven’t quite figured out whether to be offended by any of that or not, but we like people from all of those places, so it can’t be bad? O’Spada are from Stockholm. Coincidentally, they make polished dance pop and the singer, Julie Spada, sounds kind of like Teena Marie. They also kind of sound like another smooth Swedish band we love, Fibes Oh Fibes. Throw a little Little Dragon in there, some candles and a nice glögg and you got yourself a ill grown and sexy date night.

Download: O’Spada “Ten Strikes (DAZE Remix)”

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  1. Rise says:

    That is bullsh*t, never heard that before.. I would say it like this, and im Danish.. Danes is from Texas, Swedes is from New York and Norwigien is from Los Angels