The Power of Suggestion by Swizz Beatz

This video, created by DJ Eloy and Terry Urban (who may be the most diligent Jay-Zist on Earth), perfectly illustrates why The FADER has been on Swizzy’s side over the years no matter what anyone else has to say. A lot of producers, when turned on to something new, will take it literally, chunking whole pieces under a beat and acting like they just broke music open. Swizz did the exact opposite with Justice’s “D.A.N.C.E.,” taking a lyric snippet out of its context, hearing something no one else would and making something weirder than anyone else tried in mainstream rap production last year. And it’s not even a big deal because he does weird shit all the tim. Nah Right (via MTV) has video of Swizz talking about Q-Tip and Pharrell putting him on to the song in the first place, so if they’re listening, please continue to do that. We can send you some Zomby mp3s or something.

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  1. Prill Prill says:

    This is dope. Swizz is definitely on a creative high right now. I wonder what is motivating him? lol

  2. levi says:

    Oh man I was sure when i heard this song for the first time that he sampled DANCE glad to see / hear that I was right.

  3. 'Lo says:

    If you recall he was the one to beat kanye to sampling daft punk. That beat was a banger too.